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We have decades of knowledge in the construction field and our aim is to deliver the best construction and steelwork solutions across the country. 

SSF Group has four main divisions – Construction, Steel Fabrications, Powder Coating, and Shutters & Shop Fronts. We aim to provide expert metal working knowledge, high quality, durable steel fabrications, high quality powder coating and maximum protection steel security services across a wide variety of sectors and locations, to deliver the best construction, steel and metal work expectations on time and on budget.

Our design and metal engineering expertise is provided to you when required, together with structural engineer reports.

About SSF Construction

We are committed to providing you with the best construction service and successful, finished building projects. The prosperity of our projects is achieved by our professional engineers, builders and designers and by making a strong relationship with clients, taking care of all the construction management supplying and installation needs.

SSF Construction is a part of the SSF Group providing the best building work solutions in all parts of construction projects. All of our construction work is completed to the highest standard and our relationships with our clients are the key to our success. We aim to provide expert metal working knowledge and steel manufacturing services across a wide variety of sectors and different locations, to deliver your best construction expectations on time and on a budget. Design and metals engineering expertise, as well as managerial services and any help you need, are provided by our specialists when required, together with structural engineer reports.

SSF Construction is based at Bilston, near Wolverhampton, in the West Midlands and this convenient location allows us to supply fast and provide service across the UK. For further information or any questions regarding construction projects and solutions, please contact SSF Construction division and discuss your requirements with one of our friendly teams. 

About Steel Security Fabrications

We are a respected and well established steel and aluminium metal fabrication company. We supply internal and external steel products and steel fabrication services to customers around the country, and not only do we supply, but we also manufacture and set up various steel products and structures.

All metal fabrications are made in our modern workshop by qualified experts who have years of experience in steelwork manufacturing. We use stainless steel, mild steel or galvanised. Using the latest technologies in our steel workshop it allows us to handle most sized projects ranging from small projects such as steel staircases or metal gates to big commercial portal frames and mezzanine floors. The amount of products we manufacture depends solely on customer needs, we can manufacture bespoke one-off projects such as decorative iron railings to repetitive batch work such as iron gates, universal beams or steel security fencing. Our other products of various sizes include roller shutter doors, shopfronts and steel walkways. Being a well-established steel fabrication company we supply to the commercial, industrial, retail and private sectors, offering the complete service from design to manufacture and installation.

Having the latest technologies in our workshop of steel fabrications we are able to manufacture and supply most sized metalworks to industrial, commercial, retail and residential sectors. We manufacture all parts needed for construction works of any size, whether it be a multi-store commercial building or just a warehouse building or a garage. Our range of most common steel fabrications used in construction includes universal beams, steel universal columns, RSJ beams and parallel flange channels, also we manufacture stainless steel angles used for joining other beams and for their support. All of our steel fabrication products can be made in various sizes and designs according to customer’s requirements. 

About Powder Coating

Powder coating is one of our main divisions of the SSF Group. This division offers a powder coating service across a broad range of industries or even for domestic requirements.

We provide powder coating services for a variety of metal components including staircases, railings, gates and much more. Our powder coating services can be applied to all steel products we manufacture and construct according to customer’s requirements for their preferred metal objects.

To provide best quality powder coating service we ensure that all of our staff members are well trained and have knowledge of powder coating and anything related to it. We invest in our staff through providing training and ensuring their safety. When putting our name to a brand or product it is critical that suppliers in the manufacturing process can sustain our needs through quality, service and technical support and an understanding of what we are trying to achieve.

Our ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System dictates the rigorous control procedure carried out during the powder coating process. This includes cross hatch, cross cut, cure testing and dft monitoring. 

About Shutter & Shop fronts

One of our divisions here at SSF Group, Shutter and Shop fronts provides a complete nationwide service. We design, manufacture and install which results is a full top to bottom service. We offer a range of services and designs within this department, and we provide all the variants of shutter and shop front that you need, whether it be internal or external, solid or punched designs and protection systems. 

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