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Guttering and Drainage

When designing and building any structure, one of the most important (and overlooked) aspects of any project is its potential drainage requirements. Whether you need to build a small kiosk, a large office complex, or a substantial industrial unit, drainage and water management has a substantial impact, and can in some cases, dictate the course of the entire project. Water management can make the difference between a building that stays standing for 300 years, and one that will need taking down after just a few years, whether it’s a home subject to flooding, or an office with poor drainage, causing mould and fungus to grow. This seldom considered aspect of construction, can be one of the most important. With the team at SSF group on your side, you will have the skills, and the experience you need to insure that your new project has all of the drainage it could possibly require, no matter what the project is, or where it is located. At SSF Group, we provide drainage services for, underground drainage design, planning and installation for various sectors including commercial, industrial and private. Before the building or construction project can even be started, the planning and analysis of the underground drainage requirements of the location in question must be looked at in great detail. 

Installation and Maintenance

With our expert engineers, working closely alongside our professional architects, dedicated supervisors and meticulous planners, we can ensure that the process of underground drainage design, installation and maintenance is successful, and all of the groundwork drainage solutions such as installations match up to all of the various security, environmental and legal requirements. All of the excavation works are carried out by our experiences and professional experts. Upon the completion of the drainage systems being installed, and all other construction works are done, we can also provide you with the option to make use of our landscaping services, ensuring that no matter how substantial your drainage requirements may be, your premises will be sure to look fantastic.

The drainage services we offer include:

  • Site consultation
  • Underground drainage design and installation
  • Terrain drain pipes and fittings
  • Terrain gullies and hoppers
  • Guttering
  • Concrete drainage

Drainage Solutions

Because no to drainage projects will ever be the same, we have developed many different types of drainage solutions, with a wide range of pipes to choose from. Despite the bespoke nature of any drainage project, there are a number of common drainage pipes that are used, this includes, plastic – uPVC, concrete and vitrified clay. Should you need it, we can draw up complete design plans, that meet all of your requirements.

Underground Drainage

Underground drainage is used to protect premises from flooding, also it helps to keep the appearance of your garden or yard landscape by preventing puddles of water forming or the soil becoming soggy. Another advantage is that underground drainage systems are not visible compared to other drainage systems. For more information, please contact SSF Group to discuss any questions you may have regarding underground drainage systems.

Meeting Requirements

Whether your project is small and domestic, or big and industrial, we will ensure that your project will be finished to a superior standard, on time and in budget. Not only as a result of the high quality material and technology used by our experts, but also as a result of our fantastic team of landscape specialists, working together to create a beautiful landscape design, no matter what the project is.

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