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Universal Beams

SSF offers bespoke steel fabrication services including:

  • Universal steel beams
  • Universal columns
  • C-channels
  • Steel angles


Almost all construction projects need a few essential building components  such as universal steel beams, and at our own steel workshop we are able to manufacture bespoke structural steel fabrications, including universal beams in various sizes and in large quantities, supplying them to other construction companies or using them in our own projects.

We also provide bespoke universal beam columns. Universal steel beams are the base of any industrial building. Steel beams are used as the base for structural steelworks including portal frame buildings, mezzanine floors and much more. There are many industrial buildings which use universal beams, including warehouses, factories, garages. Our universal beams can be made of different metals and made to different sizes set by steel industry standards, or cut to size according to individual requirements. Meeting all the requirements, we can guarantee that the universal beams made by SSF Steel Fabrications are of the highest standards. 

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