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New Builds and Refurbishments

The SSF Construction services offer new build and refurbishments for commercial and residential properties. If your house, apartment or commercial unit needs renovation, our service gives you a wide range of renovation choices at affordable prices.
The combined experience of our knowledgeable staff, encompasses every type of new build and refurbishment for commercial and residential properties imaginable.

Complete Service

The advantage of working with SSF for your new build and refurbishment for commercial and residential properties, is that you can take advantage of our multi-disciplined approach that means we can offer you a complete service, from the design of a new building, to the fitting and installation of its interior. This kind of overarching approach means that we can offer construction and fit-out services all in one place, speeding up projects and ensuring just one point of contact for all areas of a project. This provision for continuity of support, allows us to work with the customers from start to finish, allowing any changes to the design to be implemented faster and giving peace of mind.

Project Management

The construction of all project is managed from start to finish by our excellent project management team, who are dedicated to ensuring a fast and cost effective outcome. Here some of the services that are covered in the SSF construction for new build/refurbishments:

Design and build of metal industrial/commercial units

Structural steel framework, fabrication and installation

Internal premises, offices and service areas

Mezzanine floors

Groundworks and landscaping

Car park and service yard construction

Guttering & Drainage

Wall & Roof Cladding 

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