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Internal Premises, Offices and Service Areas

Internal Environment

Despite our excellence in building design and construction, we at SSF know that there’s more to a commercial premise then the sound construction underpinning it. Often a big consideration at the design stage is what the internal environment will be like once the building is in use. This can be things like, where tills will be, where office space will have located, what a shops lay out will be, even what will be sold or stored in a certain space can have an impact of the design. As a result of this, our internal fit outs service for commercial premises, offices and service areas, fulfils all design fit out and interior solutions any business could want. Whether we are looking at the interior from the initial construction phase, or just refurbishing an existing building, our architects and designers will come to your location, measure up every area, analyse industry, and in accordance to your specific needs and requirements, will make you a bespoke design plans, and ensure your new workplace interior is efficient, practical, modern, stylish and comfortable place to do business in, and is a space both, your employees and your customers will enjoy being in. 

Our Internal fit out services for commercial premises, offices and service areas includes:

  • Raised floors
  • Fitting out receptions
  • Installation of lighting
  • Installation of ICT equipment and furniture
  • Steel staircases.
  • Fire escapes
  • Mezzanine floor installation
  • Wall cladding
  • Office refurbishment
  • Decoration
  • Extending rooms
  • Retail outlet fit out’s
  • Warehouse upgrades
  • Mezzanine floor removal
  • Private home interior fit outs

Bringing the best out of your Unused or Old Space

At SSF Group we know how important it is to have the right interior for your place of work, and the upgrades that go with the fit out of a building, must be very carefully and precisely considered in order to bring the best out of your unused or old space, which, with our specialists help, will be transformed into a beautiful and efficient workplace, and an environment that people will genuinely be glad to be in. We offer fit out services such as, floor or tile laying, wall cladding, wall painting, mezzanine floor construction, new partitions, reception renovations and many more services to transform your place of business. We can transform an old space, into modern offices, or convert any commercial space into anything your business requires, and all while meeting construction and interior design quality standards. All of which will appeal to your customers, whether they are shoppers in a retail outlet, or clients in a conference room. 

Importance of Interior Space

The importance of the interior space can often be overlooked by businesses for what seem like more important factors, but the fact is that having a comfortable and astatically pleasing workspace can have a very positive effect on employees. It can service to improve productivity by making the most of a space, and will serve to impress visitors to your office. If you are in the retail industry, then is would have the same effect, improving the layout of a store, improving customer experiences and making things better for employees.

We aim to ensure all our clients are satisfied with our quality internal fit outs for offices and other service areas or private buildings, ensuring their interior fit out is efficient and stylish. 

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