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Fencing and Gates (Manual/Automated)

Using our advanced and specialised workshop, our steel fabricators are able to produce high quality steel security fencing and metal gates of various sizes and styles, either for industrial, commercial or residential use. Steel fences and gates can be designed and made specifically for security purposes, with either an industrial look, or for more unique look we offer an array of different designs that range from modern and sleek styles, to a classic style fences and gates for both your house or commercial unit.

The range of steel fences we can make include:

  • Classical straight or decorative metal fences
  • Ornamental metal fences
  • Industrial tall secure steel fences
  • Modern metal fences
  • Garden fences


The range of steel gates we can make include:

  • Swing metal gates
  • Electric/ Automated gates (industrial and commercial)
  • Electric sliding steel gates
  • Industrial automatic gates
  • Commercial automatic gates
  • Garden metal gates
  • House steel gates
  • Single & double gates
  • Driveway gates
  • Security gates  

Tailored Service

Our experience in manufacturing and installing is vast, and we ensure that we only use the best metal fabrications available ,because your security is as much our concern as it is yours. Each customer of ours have extremely different requirements and we have the capabilities to match your needs; from assisting big factories with their industrial automatic gates, electric sliding gates & security gates and fences with custom sizes and functionality to match. To security sliding gates for driveways, and electric garden gates.

We also produce manual steel gates, in various styles and designs to match your fencing, and the style of your house or other premises. Gates and fences can be manufactured from metals such as steel, mild steel, galvanised steel and aluminium.

Colour Coating and finishes

Not only the styles, but also the colour of your bespoke steel fences can be tailored to your needs. The most popular colours for fences and metal gates are black, silver, green and brown, but we also offer a wide selection of other colour coatings whether it be your manual garden fence, or commercial automatic gates to match your shop front. The powder coating of your preferred colour is applied by our in-house specialist powder coaters, using the latest in powder coating technology. 

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