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Mezzanine Floors

SSF Group’s Steel Fabrications division is also an expert mezzanine floor manufacturer and supplier. The best way to use large space in any building efficiently is to add mezzanine floors. Our mezzanine floor construction, metal staircase manufacture and installation services provide the best storage solutions for sprawling spaces with a lot of wasted room, such as warehouses or commercial and industrial units, offering an option of building a platform and staircases known as mezzanine floors.

Process of Install

The process of installing mezzanine flooring is quick, easy and because of its strong material and inter-locking system it guarantees strong reliability and durability. Also to optimise the space even better, the mezzanine floor can be built with shelving. Mezzanine floor systems and staircases are manufactured at our modern workshop from high-grade steel ensuring that the built mezzanine floor meets all the highest engineering standards. Also, we can make different and unique style and structure of mezzanine floor and staircases to fit in any space ensuring what all your requirements are met and ensuring that you can make the most of any space.

Cost Effective

Mezzanine flooring has become a very popular choice for various different spaces. The mezzanine floor is a raised platform which is often used in places such as industrial buildings, offices, homes or any other expansive buildings. Many businesses looking for a cost-effective storage solution, turn to mezzanine floors which optimise empty space to the most. There are many factors which make mezzanine floor a very popular choice for optimising unused space, and that leads to more and more construction companies offering mezzanine floor design, manufacture and installation.

SSF structural steel fabricators offer you a complete service off-site survey, design to manufacture and fit out of mezzanine floors for your required space.

We offer:

  • Consultation and space planning
  • Competitive prices on mezzanine floor manufacture and installation
  • Re-location of mezzanine floors
  • Mezzanine floor modifications


We provide various types of mezzanine flooring to meet your needs and to add extra space, at a reasonable price. Mezzanine flooring systems we can make include:

  • Single storey mezzanine floors
  • Multi- tier mezzanine flooring
  • Industrial shelving and racking
  • High level platforms and floors


Please see our Steel Stair Case page for more information on that element of the service. 

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