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Structural Steel Framework

Steel Frame Structures

For any modern construction company, the ubiquitous steel frame structures are an irreplaceable part of any construction project. At the SSF construction company, we look to provide the absolute highest quality structural steel framework fabrication, and construction service, from design to completion. This all serves to ensure that the quality and security of any building is never compromised, whether it is a high rise building, a retail outlet, a warehouse or a residential building. Structural security is paramount to us, and is an integral part of all of the work that we do.

We also offer the production of bespoke steel portal frame buildings for many industrial steel building requirements across the United Kingdom. Portal steel frames consist of steel beams, rafts and angles, which we also manufacture and they can be custom made according to the design plans, and customers’ requirements. Please see our portal frame building page for more information on this particular service. 

Many Years of Experience

We have been working in the field of structural steel for many years, and combined with the decades of experience brought to any project by our team of experts, there is no challenge we cannot overcome. SSF Structural steel frameworks include, but are not limited to, steel frames, steel beams, universal columns, mezzanine floors and more. Steel frame buildings provide many benefits making them a popular choice. 

Bespoke Service

At SSF, we are specialist structural steel fabricators. This means that we can offer you a truly bespoke steel security fabrication service, no matter where you are in the UK. No matter what your requirements may be, we can both meet them and expand upon them. Our structural steel can be custom made, and cut to sizes in our specialised facilities. Steel framed buildings are a popular choice because of their many advantages over other materials. The installation of steel frames is a quick and effective process, that requires much less effort than for example, more traditional, and weaker wooden frames. Steel frames offer truly exceptional resistance against heat and fire, while having the additional advantage of not affected by bugs and termites, also steel frames are resistant to humidity and damp, in other materials, humidity has been known to cause outbreaks such as mould or fungi, which can be expensive and time-consuming to rectify. Structural steelwork is also one the highest quality, and one of the most durability construction material available. All of these facts ensure that your new steel framed building, will stand in perfect condition for many years to come. 

Cost Effectiveness

As a result of its cost effectiveness, and its unrivalled strength, structural steel is used in a wide variety of different projects. And at SSF, our team of specialists have the expertise and the experience to make the most out of structural steel, no matter what the job may be. It can be used for warehouses, commercial units, car parks, mezzanine floors, steel fencing, farming & agriculture infrastructure, homes, offices and much more besides. 

Meeting Requirements

At SSF Group, we work hard to ensures that all of your requirements are met, and as is often the case, exceeded. No matter how small, how big or how complex your job may be, all of your requirements can, and will be met. We can guarantee to ensure the best in bespoke steel fabrication and construction services available anywhere in the UK. 

Please see the rest of our SSF construction pages, as we offer the full spectrum of services, from design and build for new builds and refurbishments, to partial services such as groundworks, mezzanine floors and more.

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