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Design and Build of Metal Units

Full Spectrum of Construction Service

SSF are the industry experts in the field of construction and we can provide a full spectrum service, from the design stage to the creation of the structural steel, for both industrial or commercial units. Steel framed buildings are especially popular in industrial construction due to the fact that a steel frame can offer great advantages for both industrial and commercial premises. It provides a substantial amount of space by limiting columns, it has the advantage of offering a quick construction time and steel provides a building with an exceptional degree of durability. Whether you require completely new plans and designs for a premises yet to be built, or just need to add an extension to an existing property, we are the right construction company regardless of the requirements. 

The industrial/commercial units, we can design and construct includes: 

• Warehouses
• Factories
• Garages
• Offices
• Shops
• Halls
• Homes
• Leisure premises
• Cafés
• Single or multi storey buildings
• Low rise buildings
• Kiosks
• Storage units
• Farming and agricultural units

Partial Construction Services

Also, we offer partial construction services, such as the creation of extensions to existing buildings, or refurbishment of older buildings, both internally and externally. Most modern industrial buildings are created using structural steel such as portal frames, universal beams and columns. The steel frame design and construction is always carried out by our team of specialists and experts, this expertise is then combined with the highest grade steel, to create a frame that will become a key element of all of the buildings we work on. Our team also understands the importance of speed, and so they work to ensure a very quick building turnaround time, by using our own manufactured structural steel parts, and not waiting for external companies. This helps us to insure that all construction requirements are met on time, and within budget. 

Steel Portal Frames

Using steel portal frames as a base for building ensures safety, durability and quality for more than a lifetime. There are different types of portal frames such as pitched roof, portal frame building with a mezzanine floor platform, portal frame with curved rafter and more. SSF Group will pick the one right for you based on your requirements and the purpose of the building. All designs will be made to suit your needs and represent your business, not only the exterior of the building but also, the interior will be finished to highest standards. 

Steel Fabrications

We are experts not only in construction services but also steel fabrications. Our team of professional designers, contractors and builders will ensure that all the aspects of the project run smoothly from the beginning, by examining the space of the upcoming building site and making designs to the very end when it is finished and your industrial or commercial units are ready and meet all safety and legal requirements.

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