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Wall and Roof Cladding

Employing the use of Cladding

One of the best, and most effective methods of updating any building is employing the use of cladding for the outside of your building. Depending on the type of cladding, it can offer a building greater weather protection, better insulation and a better outer appearance. This is the perfect option for buildings that are relatively structurally sound, but have issues with aesthetics and the exterior appearance, as well as issues with weather vulnerabilities. Cladding is a great way of updating the look of any building, whether its saving a building from its own 60s architecture, or keeping the inhabitancy warmer. 

We provide various industrial cladding services including:

  • Design consultations
  • Single or double skin cladding
  • Roof and wall re-sheeting
  • Over-cladding
  • Rainscreen cladding
  • External cladding
  • PVC wall cladding
  • Industrial cladding
  • Aluminium or steel panels and sheeting
  • Curtain walling
  • Cladding replacement 

Extensive Array of Over-cladding Services

Whether you need to renovate an old building and roof, or finish off a new construction, we offer and extensive array of over-cladding services to meet the needs of any building. External wall over-cladding is the easiest way to upgrade a building without spending a fortune. By simply putting another layer of cladding on top of the previous cladding, we can improve the buildings overall insulation abilities and prevent the loss of heat, while improving the look of any structure. Depending on your requirements, the type of cladding chosen, and the state of the building in question, there are a wide variety of unique designs can be achieved. Using either steel or aluminium as a cladding material, a much more modern, slick and industrial design can be achieved to represent your business, the cladding can even reflect your organisations corporate colours, further making your building stand out and your service bespoke.

Rainscreen Cladding

Another popular cladding choice that is widely in demand in a wet country like the UK is rainscreen cladding. Rainscreen Cladding offers unique features that help to resist damp and moisture, while retaining versatility in design, colours and exceptional looks, as well as the inner layer keeps the inside of the building well insulated. This combinations of good looks, and the advantages that go with protecting the walls, and exterior surfaces from moisture and other weather conditions, is part of the reason rainscreen cladding has exploded in popularity. Rain screen cladding systems can be applied to private, commercial or industrial buildings, quickly and easily, with the minimal of disruption to operations at an office, factory, warehouse or home. 

Meeting Requirements

As well as the type of cladding that is applied to the exterior walls of a building, we at SSF are also specialists in the application of roof cladding. Our extensive and wide range of cladding solutions, will be sure to meet all of your roof cladding needs, whether commercial or domestic, no matter the size of the requirements, such as roof strip and re-sheeting.

We take pride in our construction quality and turnaround time and our aim is to bring the best possible construction services including external wall cladding. 

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