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Handrails and Balustrades

Here, at SSF Steel Security fabrications, we manufacture and weld various metal components for staircases and steel fire escapes, such as stainless steel handrails and balustrades. Our metalwork can be made from different metals according to your requirements. 


To make staircases safer, the handrails are necessary for people to hold on to and make using stairs more comfortable. To make your stairs safer and more comfortable we offer metal hand rails or wall mounted steel hand rails. Furthermore, the balustrades are used to support the rail and are made of separate balusters. The balustrades vary in countless styles and materials, for example, carved wood balusters, metal balustrade, glass balustrade. We offer a range of steel balustrades, handrails and safety rails made from galvanised steel, aluminium or mild steel. Balustrades and handrails made from metal are more durable and have more modern and sleek look but using decorative steel fabrication, they can also be made with beautiful ornaments to suit your needs and any interior style. 

Custom Made

All our metalwork fabrications can be provided to a wide range of sectors ranging from industrial to private. We manufacture and construct metal staircases and their essential parts such as handrails and balustrades for staircases in offices, shops, warehouses, commercial units or private houses. All metal fabrications can be custom made in order to fulfil your unique requirements. SSF steel fabricators and welders provide a quick turnaround time with the highest quality finish as well as an in-house powder coating service for all steel fabrications, including staircases, steel handrails and steel balustrades. 

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