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Metal Staircases and Fire Escapes

We can manufacture staircases of various sizes and designs including:

  • Straight steel staircases
  • Spiral staircases
  • Winding staircases
  • Outdoor staircases
  • Internal staircases
  • Industrial staircases
  • Landings
  • Open or closed fire escapes
  • Internal fire escapes
  • External fire escape 

The process:

Every tall building needs staircases and fire escapes, especially residential apartments and large industrial buildings. In case of fire or any other accident, people must be able to leave the building timely and safely, therefore, before any construction process starts our experts will inspect the site and make bespoke plans for external fire escapes and staircases, which meet all safety requirements.

Our Experience and Quality:

We have huge experience in manufacturing and installing bespoke industrial stairs, outdoor stairs & fire escapes; both internal and external. We are also able to create staircases of shapes and designs, from intricate and details spiral stairs to simple straight stairs. All our steel staircases are of high quality galvanised or mild steel, ensuring durability and security for safe usage, and with a powder coated finish options available and many different colours to choose from. Also for more security, the fire escapes are made with non-slip material on the steps which is heavily important for work space uses such as factory stairs, internal and external stairs & fire escapes to ensure the highest of safety standards are met.

Staircases built for all purposes

SSF can design, build and install internal & external staircases for a number of industries and purposes. Whether it be schools, warehouses, manufacturing, safety regulated environments, commercial, industrial & domestic buildings and much more. All of our steel fabrications can be tailored to meet your requirements, meaning that steel staircases can also even be used for home, office or commercial building interiors.

Although steel staircases are associated with industrial buildings, our steel fabricators are able to create very sleek, modern and unique staircase designs which will suit any building style and in any preferred place. We also manufacture all of the parts that would be needed for your new staircases, so even if you decide to choose wooden stairs we can supply you with essential parts such as steel handrails or steel balustrades. 

For more information regarding steel fabrication, please contact us by filling in the enquiry form or call us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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