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Car Park and Service Yard Construction

Bespoke Car Park or Service Yard Construction

SSF Construction offers you or your business bespoke car park or service yard construction. During our decade of construction work we have built and managed various projects, including simple excavation and laying concrete foundation for small car park area or house driveway, to spacious concrete service yards for warehouses. Concrete as a material is very durable and will last for decades, at SSF we use concrete and special mesh to create a strong, even foundation. To ensure that the service yard stays in perfect condition for many years, the drainage systems are usually incorporated before the concrete yard construction.

SSF Construction Services include:

  • Car park planning
  • Service yard planning and designing
  • Concrete car park and service yard construction
  • Car park barriers manual and automated
  • Service yard gates, manual or automated
  • Service yard metal fences 

Due to our experience in construction field and optimisation of other of our branches, such as steel fabrication and powder coating we are able to provide all construction needs for any project. For car parking areas and service yards, we manage and provide all services from planning and design to excavation and building of any premises and their service yards. By utilising our steel fabrications branch we are able to provide car park barriers which can be automated or manual, also steel gates of any kind, tall automated metal gates for your service yard, or an industrial metal fence.

No matter that your business is, you will need a car park for your employers or guests and if your company has many parcels and goods coming in or going out, the service yard is the best choice. 

Meeting Requirements

Our construction services meet all industry standards and we are accredited by ISO 9001:2008, ensuring that any construction project is done to highest standards. SSF Group team consists of well experienced engineers, designers, construction workers and managers which will work according to all of your requirements. If you are not sure which service yard is the best option for your premises, please contact our team and we will give you any advice you need.

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